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This little error could be solved by one of the 2 methods

1- On windows 2003 use  C:\WINDOWS\system32> lodctr /R

2- On Windows 2008,R2 Make sure that the drive you are storing the DBs on is not compressed


Well I was banging my head for that error that seemed to affect some of the PCs in a client’s location



Looking at the WindowsUpdate Log locates in the %windir%\WindowsUpdate.log

I could see this


A little bit of googlin suggested that firewall is the issue as it is blocking HTTP Redirection and Cookies

We go through a Juniper SRX to the internet

so I thought of setting the IE Proxy to the ISP proxy like below


Surely after that I went back hit the update and voila it works


So looking at the SRX we allowed direct access to internet from the WSUS and then everything flowed smoothly.


hope this could help someone or at least point him/her to the right direction.