Well I have been facing this issue, banging my head here and there.

When the call is made from a wireless phone registered on the SSIP server to either OCS or PSTN, the call goes through.

Now the issue was when you call the user on the wireless phone it would get User Busy always.

Strange enough I couldn’t find any logs anywhere on why this is happening, but on the NET SSIP Server looking at the logs I saw it trying to dial a +1555xxxxxxx number before the call and getting a 403 Forbidden.

martSIPServerManager> SmartSIP:Information(4):Handling OCS call for registered endpoint>>>>>>>
Message #324: <<<<<<Event received at: (3/10/2011 11:05:19 AM) <ECSmartSIPServerManager> SmartSIP:Information(4):User call 8a0a83fa00 received for sip:ocstest@xxx.com from sip:xxx@xxx.com  Toast is: >>>>>>>
Message #325: <<<<<<Event received at: (3/10/2011 11:05:19 AM) <ECSmartSIPServerManager> SmartSIP:Information(4):Initiating B2B call. Target-to-dial:
Message #326: <<<<<<Event received at: (3/10/2011 11:05:19 AM) <ECSmartSIPServerManager> SmartSIP:Error(2):Back to back call failure : 403 : Forbidden>>>>>>>

so mmmm, let’s match this against the Normalization rules … and it turns out its matching to International Dialing.

Hang on a sec, my user cant dial internationally.

The moment I gave the user international dialing privileges, BAM the phone starts ringing and happy days.

All I did after that was to create a specific rule to match +1555 and assigned it to all my policies


I hope this helps someone Open-mouthed smile