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Microsoft has released SP1 for Windows Server 2008 R2 and 7. One of the coolest feature Hyper-V got is the new Dynamic Memory allocation. This feature offers organizations to maximize thier use of memory resources by creating a memory pool that can be dynamically shared between virtual machines.

Do not be mistaken between this and Vmware memory overcommit, Dynamic memory sets a base start for memory and a maximum dynamic memory. The machine will start with the static memory always, but Hyper-V will be able to assign additional memory resource from the pool as needed by the machine and under the limit set on the max tab.

Here is where you can see the change

Dynamic Memory is further explained at the Virtualization Team BLOG


Well this is a very simple process, while Lync has 3 options to display the contact picture, the AD,Mysite and External URL.

Inorder to make the picture available for public contacts, all you need to do is to set Lync to use and External URL which is publicly accessible like Facebook,Photobucket,Linkedin or whatever.

So first upload your image to Publicly Accessible URL and get the direct link till you see the .jpg extension

Then Copy the same Address (Again Make Sure u copy it from the HTTP till the .JPG then insert it into the URL and click connect

If you Get an error that the site requires Username and Password, make sure you can publicly access the URL, or maybe you are sitting behind a TMG.

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